Filippo Dall'Asta

international gypsy jazz guitarist

Filippo Dall'Asta

international gypsy jazz guitarist

“Innovative, fresh and original”– MOZES ROSENBERG


My upcoming album “The Hot Club of Tenerife” will be available on all digital platforms on October 11th, 2024. Watch this space!

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I listened to Filippo's new album several times and I liked it from the first listen. I am a fan of musical innovations and I respect artists who question themselves trying to always say something different. And this is the case; I found it very interesting to listen to these instruments so far from the genre gipsy jazz mix and merge with each other, creating an original and successful sound. To listen and listen again!

Alessandro Di Virgilio
Accordi Disaccordi

I highly recommend the latest album by Filippo Dall'Asta, Mediterasian, a highly refined work that blends very successfully middle eastern sounds with gypsy swing. The songs, many of which original compositions, are very balanced, combining beautiful melodies, skill without overbearing technique and wonderful tones of each instrument.

Dario Napoli

There is no doubt that this literally flawless and exceptional feat is probably one of the best, most beautiful albums I have reviewed in my three odd years with Bucketlist.

Jordan Hodgins
Bucket List Music Reviews

Filippo Dall’Asta’s “Mediterasian” is a great fusion of Gypsy jazz and Indian music. The sounds of the two traditions blend perfectly with each other creating a fresh, original and innovative debut album. Highly recommended!

Mozes Rosenberg

I enjoyed this album tremendously. The playing is superb and the compositions and arrangements are compelling and intriguing. This is a wonderful debut album from a fantastic guitarist with an accomplished ensemble with first class material.

John Wheatcroft
Guitar Techniques Magazine

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About Filippo

Filippo Dall’Asta is an Italian-born guitarist, composer, bandleader and arranger, mixing the sounds of Gypsy jazz with bebop and classical music, to forge his own style of progressive guitar playing.

Coaching with

Filippo Dall'Asta

Coaching with

Filippo Dall'Asta

Filippo leads a busy “double life” as an artist and an educator. Over the years, as well as continuously and obsessively honing his guitar skills, he has learned how to effectively deal with the business side of the live music industry: becoming a performer and band leader, promoting his work and online visibility and play the big stages.

In 2021, he started coaching to see if I could replicate this process for his students: since then he helped thousands of musicians take their guitar skills to professional level, as well as build personal brand to turn their skills as musicians into a very profitable career.

Learn how to add 8-10 additional paying gigs to your calendar every single month.

A new exciting course to add the most well known GJ standards to your repertoire.


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